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WWE SmackDown: 4/15/2022

credit from: Sportskeeda

A storm is brewing as the landscape of the WWE will be taking an interesting turn. Finally we get got confirmation of the unification between both Raw and SmackDown’s tag team titles as the Usos face off against RK-Bro at next month’s upcoming Backlash payperview (or “premium event, whatever)! What about the rest of the show, you may be asking? Well, let’s not waste any more time and dive in with…

Match 1: Rhea Ripley vs Naomi. (Rating:3/5)

Women’s wrestling to kick things off! I’m truly enjoying this friendly competition between two teams that are beloved and over with audiences. Rhea’s certainly the best all around performer (personally) in her team with Liv but when it comes to Banks and Naomi, I’m more favorited towards the Glow herself! Not only because she’s moved past that god awful feud with Sonya Deville but mainly because Naomi’s a champion and delivering fun matches with the best women that SmackDown has to offer! Ripley goes over Naomi after hitting a Rip Tide for the pinfall victory, gaining momentum to the eventual match for the WWE Women’s Tag Tiles.

Match 2: Madcap Moss vs Humberto Carrillo. (Rating:2.5/5)

After coming out from his break up with Happy Corbin, it’s finally about time to see what Madcap Moss has to offer as a solo’s star. And with only one match under his belt so far with this face turn, he definitely should be treated as a star. Athletic and freakishly strong, Moss ran through Carrillo with zero issue. One Punchline later and Moss beats Carrillo in the center of the ring! Next week it’s him versus Angel Garza but in all honestly it should really be a handicap match with both Lotharios, so we could truly see how solid of a performer Madcap would be.

In-ring Segment: Charlotte Flair accepts the challenge.

Drew Gulak has been resorted to being an interviewer now.. Why? He’s a tremendous athlete and he belongs in the ring, not holding a microphone. Anyways, Charlotte had some things to say towards Ronda Rousey. Not only did Flair denied that she ever tapped out at WrestleMania (even though she did, regardless of the referee being knocked out), but she also accepted Rousey’s challenge. So at Backlash it’s official, Ronda Rousey versus Charlotte Flair in an I Quit match for the SmackDown’s Women’s championship! It should truly be a classic. And to make sure she isn’t messing around this time, Charlotte attacked Gulak and put him in a Figure Eight Leglock; basically forcing the man to scream out those two words (I quit). Truly a bizarre segment which relatively ruined Drew Gulak’s credibility, but at least Flair and Rousey are getting involved in an interesting stipulation!

Main Event: Riddle vs Jimmy Uso. (Rating:4/5)

And this we’ve reached the main event for SmackDown this week, and wow was it amazing. Several weeks from now, everything will be on the line as neither team could be able to afford a loss. Certainly is feeling like a big deal because once again, the tag team championships are being unified. As far as this single’s match between Jimmy and the Original Bro goes, this was amazing. Matt Riddle is a ridiculous talented wrestler, and seeing him incorporate Randy Orton’s moves as his own truly shows how effective this partnership with the Viper truly became. Orton and Jey fought on the outside with Randy coming up on top and by hesitating a little too much, Jimmy was caught with an RKO in midair out of nowhere; which could be best described as Riddle countering out of Uso’s Samoan Drop with an AMAZING RKO for the pinfall victory. Even Randy Orton was caught off guard as he broke character with a look of shock and amazement!

Final Rating:3.5/5