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AEW Rampage: 4/15/2022

credit from: Wrestling Inc

It’s Friday night, which means it’s time for a LIVE episode of Rampage! Those are usually a lot more fun, due to not having to worry about spoilers being leaked immediately after Dynamite. A 6 man tag match, an Owen Hart tournament match for the women and a fun yet barbaric main event for the AEW World Heavyweight Championship.

Match 1: Trios Tag Team Match; The Gunn Club and Billy Gunn vs Blackpool Combat Club. (Rating:3.5/5)

The first official match for the complete version of the Blackpool Combat Club! Wheeler Yuta’s officially a member of this stable with Danielson and Moxley and honestly he fits in perfectly! Speaking of fits, Billy Gunn is inhuman. Despite his age not only does he look amazing physically but he’s still able to make the younger talent look like stars as a true veteran should. Yuta gets the win after pinning Billy Gunn while Mox and Bryan took care of Coleton and Austin Gunn outside of the ring. Really loving the direction they’re going with involving Yuta’s character.

Match 2: Ruby Soho vs Robyn Renegade. (Rating:2.75/5)

About time AEW gives Ruby Soho the spotlight that she shouldn’t have lost! Truly a shame that following her feud with Britt Baker that Soho wasn’t booked as she should’ve been, because in all honesty she was the biggest name in the women’s division to sign with All Elite Wrestling. This was a pretty fun match, and it truly kept me in anticipation due to the fact that it seemed that Renegade was going to pick up the win over Ruby. There was a moment in the match ala the Bella Twins over in the WWE as Robyn rolled underneath the ring in order for her twin sister, Charlette, to take her spot in the match. And Charlette ALMOST picked up the win but thankfully Ruby Soho was on her feet and pinned the twin following a Sister Abigail-like move for the pinfall victory, advancing in the Owen Hart tournament. Hope it’s down to her and Toni Storm in the finals!

Main Event: Texas Deathmatch for the AEW World Heavyweight Championship; Hangman Adam Page (c) vs Adam Cole. (Rating:5/5)

Not as much of a bloodshed as I thought it was going to be, but this was so much fun nonetheless. Both Adams went to WAR against each other and left everything on the line for the AEW world title. Buckshot Lariats, Panama Sunrises, Dead Eyes, Dropping the Booms, this was insane. I’m also really glad that these deathmatches have the same stipulation of Last Man Standing matches with being knocked out and not making up to the referee’s count of 10. It not only made the match seem more brutal by comparison but also gave both men those moments of beating the count! Hangman Page retains the world title after driving Adam Cole through a table outside of the ring followed by a Deadeye from the apron. Sucks that the Undisputed Elite didn’t walk away with all the gold this week!

Final Rating:4/5