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AEW Battle of the Belts 2

credit from: WrestlingInc

A special Saturday airing on an AEW show! We’re once again at the Battle of the Belts show and this was a rather short but sweet show nonetheless. Three title matches, and only one title changed hands! Which one though? Well…

Match 1: TNT Championship; Scorpio Sky (c) vs Sammy Guevara. (Rating:4/5)

And we kick off the night with the TNT championship rematch between Sky and Sammy! Not only was the TNT belt on the line but also Scorpio’s undefeated streak. This was just as amazing as their previous encounter. Crowd definitely favored Scorpio Sky more than Sammy Guevara but it was still relatively split nonetheless. Tay Conti got involved along with Ethan Page and also Paige VanZant (who walked down the ramp to a MASSIVE pop) which led to Sky getting distracted for a split second, allowing Guevara to deliver a low-blow while the referee wasn’t looking followed by a Go To Hell for the pinfall victory; thus Sammy Guevara being crowned a three time TNT champion. I’m NOT against Sammy whatsoever because he’s probably in my top 5 list of favorites that All Elite Wrestling has to offer, but man did Sky get screwed out of having a great championship run! Though at least this planted the seeds for both Conti and Sammy turning heel, which is good.

Match 2: ROH World Heavyweight Championship; Jonathan Gresham (c) vs Dalton Castle. (Rating:4/5)

I’m so glad that AEW now owns Ring Of Honor. Now, I could get a match such as this one to serve as a catalyst to research and watch more matches involving both men, especially with Gresham. Really great match, both men were very over with the audience. Octopus submission hold by Jonathan and he ended up making Castle submit and successfully retain the ROH championship. Following the match, both men shook hands and out came Sanjay Dutt, Jay Lethal and the newly signed Satnam Singh, whom I swear had a striking resemblance to the rapper Drake from a distance. All three men beat Gresham up until Samoa Joe came out and evened the battlefield, scaring the heels off and standing tall with his ROH brother.

Main Event: AEW Women’s Championship; Thunder Rosa (c) vs Nyla Rosa. (Rating:3.5/5)

In the words of Mark Henry, “it’s TIME, for the main event!” Thunder Rosa’s first match defending the women’s championship against Nyla Rose and it was another great match. I absolute enjoy seeing David and Goliath matches in wrestling, so seeing Rosa trying to use her speed and athleticism to take down Nyla was fun. Nyla, in her own right, is also a phenomenal performer and it was no wonder why she was the second women’s champion in AEW’s history. Rollup victory to Rose and Thunder retains her women’s championship!

Final Rating:3.75/5