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AEW Dynamite:3/30/2022

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It’s Wednesday night, which means it’s time for AEW Dynamite! So much is going on this week in the world of professional wrestling, and All Elite Wrestling definitely did make sure that they weren’t going to be overshadowed by the rest of the week’s events by delivering another banger episode. Amazing wrestling and a new signee, so let’s jump into it!

Match 1: CM Punk vs Max Caster. (Rating:3.25/5)

An awesome, yet very surprising way to open off the show! Yet again CM Punk went toe to toe against somebody who’s a well-established tag team wrestler in Max Caster, and it was really good seeing Caster getting the biggest opportunity of his career by facing off against the legend known as Punk. Granted, the mouthpiece of the Acclaimed came up short but it really goes to show that anybody on the AEW roster could put on one of the best matches of their entire career against a certified legend. Punk gets the pinfall victory after delivering a piledriver on Max.

Match 2: Jay Lethal vs Jon Moxley. (Rating:4.5/5)

Easily THE match of the night! Hard hitting, even playing field, Mox and Lethal took each other to their absolute LIMIT! Despite my complaint of Jay Lethal constantly losing since signing with AEW, this felt worth it. Because even though Lethal lost, he proved he had what it took to make Moxley to his absolute limit! One Paradigm Shift later and Jon was able to pick up the pinfall victory against a very game Jay Lethal. Here’s hoping Lethal can at least pick up a few wins under his belt.

Match 3: Tag Team Match; FTR vs Gunn Club. (Rating:3.75/5)

I can finally say that I can get behind the Gunn Club. Austin and Coleton are absolutely AMAZING athletes in their own right but seeing them take on such a team as dominant and as successful as FTR was truly great. Following his match with CM Punk last week, Dax Harwood was yet again able to showcase his skills as not only a master tag team wrestler but as his own capable and awesome singles competitor. After getting a hot tag late into the match, Harwood was able to turn the tides for the favor of FTR and they eventually got the victory after he and Wheeler hit the Big Rig on Coleton for the pinfall. However there were two important events to note: firstly was Wardlow returned after being “banned” from AEW and tried his damndest to get his hands on MJF unsuccessfully. And secondly, it seems that Wheeler and Harwood may actually be turning face? Not only were they the favorites in this match up but they also seemed to want to side with their former Pinnacle partner, Wardlow. And it did seem that they wanted to leave, however MJF persuaded the AAA tag champions to stand strong united. Whether they eventually join Wardlow or just leave the Pinnacle mutually, it’s really going to be interesting to see what happens.

Match 4: Wheeler Yuta vs Bryan Danielson. (Rating:4/5)

Wheeler Yuta is going to become an important wrestler in the year of 2022, and DEFINITELY for many years to come: not only for AEW but for all of professional wrestling. He wrestled what seemed to be a near perfect match against the American Dragon, and there were several moments that Yuta had the match won! Locking Bryan in submission holds and nearly making the veteran tap, sneaky roll-ups that definitely caught everybody off guard: Wheeler worked arguably his best match yet. He may have tapped out to Danielson’s Lebell Lock but Yuta proceeded to spit in the face of Bryan as one final act of defiance before tapping out. Respect had to be earned in terms of the storyline and here’s hoping that just maybe, Yuta could join the Blackpool Combat Club in the foreseeable future.

Match 5: Owen Hart Cup Qualifier Match; The Bunny vs TONI STORM!!! (Rating:3/5)

TONI STORM IS OFFICIALLY PART OF THE AEW ROSTER! The Owen Hart Memorial Cup officially started and only one woman could come out on top; and even if it’s too early to guess, it’ll go to Storm. A relatively quick match which resulted in Toni scoring the pinfall after hitting the Storm One DDT, advancing in the Hart Memorial Cup. Expecting big things from Toni here in AEW, because she definitely does deserve being a top gal!

Main Event: Andrade El Idolo vs Darby Allin. (Rating:3.5/5)

A real hard hitting match to end the night’s action, and wow was the waiting definitely worth it. Andrade spent majority of the match dominating Allin and overpowering him with his freakish physique, but Darby put up a heck of a fight and had Andrade on the ropes. After missing a Coffin Drop off the top rope, El Idolo was able to take advantage on a staggered Darby and hit the daredevil with the El Idolo Hammerlock DDT for the victory. The rest of the AFO (Andrade Family Office) made their way down and put a beatdown on Sting and Allin until the Hardy Boyz came out to even the playing field with a THUNDEROUS ovation! The babyfaces stood tall but Andrade winning was desperately needed!

Final rating:4/5