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WWE Monday Night Raw: 3/28/2022

credit from:WWEcom

It’s WrestleMania week finally! Stacked week for WWE as we’re slowly but surely approaching Texas for the 38th annual Mania show. As far as the final show before WrestleMania goes, Raw really had an awesome go-home show! Superstars from both the red brand and Friday Night SmackDown’s blue brand came together to deliver a great show so let’s not delay and dive on in with the action!

Segment 1: Seth’s opponent is… still a mystery!

Seth Freakin’ Rollins is OFFICIALLY (in kayfabe/storyline) part of the WrestleMania match card! After coming up short in his matches with Kevin Owens and AJ Styles, it seemed that Rollins wouldn’t be getting his spot to shine at the showcase of immortals. Here comes Vince McMahon, telling Rollins that he’s in fact going to be competing at the show; against a pre-selected opponent from McMahon which won’t be revealed until the weekend at either night of WrestleMania. An enthusiastic Rollins leaves McMahon’s office, celebrating in the fact that his wishes are coming true. But who would be facing the Architect? Will it truly be Cody Rhodes as reports made it out to be, or would it be against someone else we, the fans, aren’t expecting? Only one way to find out!

Match 1: Handicap Match; The Viking Raiders vs Omos. (Rating:2.75/5)

This is probably one of those rare occurrences in which more on what happens after the match rather than the match itself. Omos spent most of the time dominating the former tag champions, though Erik and Ivar did seem to have the bigger Omos on the ropes. But with one clothesline to Eric, sending him outside of the ring Omos was able to win the match via count-out. After the match, Omos begged for someone to step up; to see if there was a man who was more of a threat than the giant known as Omos. Out came a returning Bobby Lashley, and he and the bigger Omos got physical with each other. And it seemed Omos had the upper hand but the arguably stronger Lashley was able to escape the bigger man’s grasp and was able to knock the big man off his feet; with Omos actually fleeing the scene for once! These two are scheduled to meet at WrestleMania in what could be an absolute classic.

Match 2: Austin Theory vs Ricochet. (Rating:2.75/5)

For what it was worth, this match was relatively good. It went by rather quickly, however. But seeing Austin Theory dominating most of the match against somebody who’s been getting a lot of momentum for himself in Ricochet, it was a good change of pace for him going into his big stage debut against SmackDown commentator Pat McAfee. One ATL later and Theory was able to pin the SmackDown Intercontinental champion. I really am hoping that this semi-squash match is enough to kill Ricochet’s run as champion right now, because he definitely needed that huge win against Sami Zayn several weeks back.

Segment 2: Hair vs hair?

Throughout these past couple of weeks, it was Becky Lynch’s mission to want to cut the ponytail off of Bianca Belair’s hair; due to the fact that Lynch got whipped by it during a tag match several weeks ago on Raw and left a mark on her ribcage. Belair wasn’t having any of it and she ended up getting ambushed by Lynch via a sneak attack when she was cutting a promo in the ring. Steal chair in hand and it seemed that Becks was about to cut off Belair’s ponytail with a comical oversized pair of barber’s scissors, but with her strength Bianca was able to overpower Lynch and lay out the champion with two KOD finisher moves. Belair seemed to have the last laugh when she ended up wielding the scissors and cut Lynch’s hair, although not by too much. Becky was irate when she gained consciousness, and even despite the hair versus hair thing being an indication that THANKFULLY didn’t become true for the actual match, I’m really am stoked to see Belair capture yet again the Raw women’s title this weekend!

Main Event: Tag Team Match; RK-Bro vs The Usos. (Rating:4.5/5)

A rematch from last year’s Survivor Series! The number one tag team from Raw vs SmackDown’s number one tag team, and the chemistry that the Usos have with Riddle and Randy is truly amazing; and this was barely their second match together! An absurd amount of false finishes, it seemed as if no team was able to gain the upper hand. And it did seem that Randy was somewhat inches away from getting the victory against Jimmy Uso until the Street Profits made their presence known and attacked the Raw tag team champions, ending the match in disqualification. A bunch of RKOs later and Riddle and Orton were standing tall, sending the crowd home happy.

Final rating:3.5/5