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AEW Dynamite:4/13/2022

credit from: All Elite Wrestling

It’s time to light the fuse because it’s Wednesday night, which means it’s time for AEW Dynamite! Titles were defended, stables battled against each other, a MAJOR upset victory that definitely would lead to (hopefully) something more down the line. But before I jump too ahead, let’s start the show off with a dream match worth of being a match of the year contender!

Match 1: Pentagon Dark vs CM Punk. (Rating:4/5)

I never took for consideration how much I wanted this match until it was announced on social media. Two of the best stars in the world going head to head in an instant classic to kick off this title focused episode of Dynamite, and it certainly did deliver. For a first time encounter, this was amazing! Both men wrestler a near perfect match against one other, both aware of each other’s moves. Pentagon tried locking in his Armbar multiple times whilst Punk tried hitting the GTS on Pentagon. FINALLY after a near 20 minute match, CM Punk was able to put Penta away with a Go To Sleep for the three count. I really hope these two go again soon (especially if that would mean that Pentagon would get the win, because he certainly deserved it more than Punk in all honesty)!

Match 2: AEW World Tag Team Championship Match; Jurassic Express (c) vs ReDragon. (Rating:4/5)

Big fight feel with major ramifications in place! The Undisputed Elite made it their mission to capture both the tag team and AEW world championships to assert their dominance in All Elite Wrestling as the most successful group in the company. Adam Cole gets his chance this Friday on Rampage as he battles Hangman Page in a Texas Deathmatch but what about Fish and O’Reilly? Did they succeed in their mission? Unfortunately not, but this match sure delivered nonetheless! The more I expect Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus to drop the tag titles, the more and more foolish I feel because I don’t think they should drop the titles just yet. They’re beloved by the crowd! Beloved by the community and they’re an amazing team. Jungle Boy picks up the win via pinfall, thus successfully retaining the AEW tag titles! However, the door became open for ReDragon to pursue the Ring of Honor tag titles, as ROH tag champions FTR came out to basically tease the world of this possible feud in the future!

Match 3: Tag Team Match; Swerve Strickland and Keith Lee vs Powerhouse Hobbes and Ricky Starks. (Rating:4.5/5)

Hometown hero Ricky Starks received one of the loudest reactions of the night! This match also seemed like a long time coming, especially after the Rampage match between Strickland and Starks. A really great combination between fast and high flying action mixed with the powerhouse hoss factors from Lee and Powerhouse Hobbes. Starks without a doubt was the highlight of this match because there was a spot that he actually managed to lift Keith Lee off of his feet, even if it was for a fraction of a second. Keith and Hobbes were left alone in the ring and it seemed that Lee was going to get the win until a distraction from Taz costed him the match, which proceeded with Powerhouse nailing a beautiful Spinebuster for the pinfall victory!

Main Event: ROH World Television Championship; Minoru Suzuki (c) vs Samoa Joe. (Rating:5/5)

Speaking of dream matches that I never realized how much I wanted until AEW announced it, Suzuki vs Joe was something I didn’t expect to have ever seen happen. But now that it did, wow what a brutal and cringe match to watch. Cringe in a good way though due to both me going absolutely ham on one another! Submission holds mixed with stiff forearm shots and chops that left both men’s chests red! One Muscle Buster later and Samoa Joe is your NEW ROH TV champion!

Final Rating:4/5