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WWE Monday Night Raw:3/14/2022

credit from: Bleacher Report

Slowly but surely, WrestleMania will be arriving! With how stacked Raw’s been getting their WrestleMania matches are getting, their shows have also remained very great in terms of quality; and tonight’s episode of Raw was no exception. It delivered great moments, but first and foremost rest in peace Scott Hall, aka Razor Ramon whom passed away at 63 years old. Bad times don’t last, but bad guys do.. nWo 4 4 4 4 Life.

Match 1: Finn Bálor vs Damian Priest. (Rating:2.5/5)

I will never get tired of seeing both Bálor and Priest wrestle against each other, but unfortunately this was probably the weakest of their encounters. It wasn’t bad whatsoever, but it went by rather quickly. I understand why though; WWE’s saving Priest versus the Demon for WrestleMania so this made sense to have Damian go over via shenanigans. But why have Austin Theory get involved in this match, especially if Finn’s defending his championship against Priest while Theory faces Pat McAfee at Mania? Damian wins with the Reckoning for the pinfall victory.

Match 2: Omos vs Commander Azeez. (Rating:3/5)

Two tall beefy dudes going at it, and wow was it fun to watch! It was about time that Omos finally faced against somebody his size, and the way he absolutely destroyed Commander Azeez was awesome. It wasn’t a squash match by any means yet seeing Omos pick up Azeez and drop him on his back was absolutely insane, and it seems that Omos and Apollo Crews aren’t finished feuding. Omos gets the win via pinfall followed by a two handed chokeslam-like move. Hopefully this leads to a two on one handicap preshow match for WrestleMania between Crews and Azeez facing the colossus known as Omos. That’d be super sick.

Segment 1: Seth’s solution for WrestleMania.

It seems that Seth Rollins was finally able to think about how he’s going to have his own WrestleMania! But how (more importantly, who) would Rollins pick his spot by appearing on the grandest stage of them all? Well, by being the one to have his own talk show with Stone Cold Steve Austin!… which makes no sense without context. Anyways, Rollins is desperate for his own Mania moment, so much so that he’s willing to face his best friend Kevin Owens to be the new host of the KO Show (or the Rollins Show… I don’t know) with Austin instead of Owens and it was declared by general manager Sonya Deville that in the main event, Rollins and Owens would face each other for the said spot! It should be good, though I wonder where and how a certain American Nightmare fits in in all this.

Segment 2: “The Other Side” of Edge.

Edge is here to continue to promote his match with AJ Styles at WrestleMania though something’s different this time. Apart from the Undertaker-like lighting, the Rated R Superstar debuted his new entrance theme; “The Other Side” by Alter Bridge, the same band that performed his “Metalingus” theme. This marks for the first time in close to 20 years that Edge had a new song used for his entrance since Rob Zombie’s “Never Gonna Stop,” and honestly I love the change in themes! It suits this current Edge; the Edge that’s sick, tired and desperate to prove to not only himself but the world that he still has what it takes to have one more big moment in his illustrious career. Win or lose, this match with AJ will go down as one of the best matches in both men’s respective career.

Match 3: Riddle vs Montez Ford. (Rating:4/5)

Between this and the main event between Owens and Rollins, they were both my favorite matches from the night. Though having to choose between the two, I’ll stick with this match. The chemistry that RK-Bro and the Street Profits have with one another is truly an impressive feat. But seeing Riddle and Montez Ford, arguably the better athletes in their respected team, go toe to toe with each other was so much fun! Only downside, the match ended in disqualification; and it wasn’t because or Orton and Dawkins but from Alpha Academy’s Otis and Chad Gable: hinting that they want their tag titles back at probably WrestleMania. Now with another match seeming to have been confirmed for the show of shows, the idea of a triple threat ladder match for the Raw titles would be so fun! Nothing confirmed as of yet but it’s me wanting a stipulation for this!

Main Event: Kevin Owens vs Seth Rollins. (3.75/5)

The main event has finally arrived. Friend versus friend where the winner gets to interview (or possibly fight, not wrestle) Stone Cold Steve Austin at WrestleMania. This match implication aside, I really had fun with this; and it reminded me how solid Rollins and Owens work well against each other! Owens gets the win via a Stunner to Rollins, putting the Architect’s WrestleMania dreams to a possible halt. However, the commentary team seemingly teased yet again Seth’s possible WrestleMania opponent: someone who’s dashing, somebody whose career seems to be at a cross RHODES, somebody who could often be described as a nightmare, perhaps an American Nightmare? Well, who knows who it could be? We just have to wait and see!

Final rating:3.75/5