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AEW Dynamite: 3/9/2022

It’s the Wednesday after Revolution, and you know what that means! Wow, this was quite the show. This has to be the equivalent to WWE’s post WrestleMania Raw and SmackDowns, because this had so many awesome moments from beginning to end! But how does AEW kick off the show after Revolution? Well, with this:

credit from: All Elite Wrestling

Segment 1: Goodbye Inner Circle, hello Jericho Appreciation Society

FINALLY, the turn happened! Jericho is FINALLY a heel once more! Before I explain what happened, Jericho kicked off the show congratulating Eddie Kingston for giving him the best match of his career. Jericho showered Kingston with praise and wanted to shake his hand, so as requested Kingston came out and after yet another awesome back and forth conversation: both men shook hands. And it seemed that it was a happy ending up until Daniel Garcia and 2 Point0 came out to ambush Jericho and Kingston. Santana and Ortiz then make the save and cleaned house and it seemed as if Jericho was going to hit Garcia with a baseball bat, but he instead hits Santana. It was a trap, and Garcia along with 2 Point0 ambush Kingston and PNP, which then led to Jake Hager to come out and side with Jericho, turning heel in the process by driving Kingston through a table via powerbomb. The Inner Circle was fun while it lasted but now, the J.A.S. is here to run rough shot on All Elite Wrestling.

Match 1: AEW World Heavyweight Championship Match; Hangman Adam Page (c) vs Dante Martin. (Rating:3.75/5)

This was probably the most random match Hangman’s had defending the world championship, yet I may argue that it’s up there with being one of the best matches he’s had defending the strap. Dante’s back as a tag team wrestler now since his brother and tag partner from Top Flight, Darius Martin made his return to AEW last week. But seeing Dante having this shot at the world title, even though he lost to Page, it spoke volumes in the sense of eventually Martin will be fighting for the AEW world title more and more. One Buckshot Lariat later and Page retains the title but didn’t forget to give Dante his props for putting on a quick yet awesome match to kick off the show.

Match 2: Tag Team Match; The Workhorses vs Jon Moxley and Bryan Danielson. (Rating:3/5)

Their first match together as a tag team, and the chemistry certainly is there! Honestly have very little knowledge about their opponents, yet despite everything I feel like they could eventually become a big deal. The match was won by the unnamed team of Mox and Danielson got the Submission victory, which led to William Regal deliver one of the best promos he had ever cut in his entire wrestler career; but to make a long story short he made it clear to the AEW tag teams that Jon Moxley and Bryan Danielson are going to be the top dogs and eventually capture the tag titles (which I hope DOES happen soon!)

Segment 2: a charismatic debut

As if this show hasn’t been great so far, a familiar face arrived to help his fellow brother out! The Hardy Family Office had a team meeting in which Private Party and Andrade El Idolo had a vote of no confidence for the man behind the HFO even being a thing, Matt Hardy. The number’s game was too much but thankfully help arrived! First, Darby Allin and Sting came out to try to even the odds but then the Butcher and Blade came out to yet again give the numbers advantage for the heels until “Loaded” played in the arena which signified the arrival of JEFF FREAKIN HARDY! Together, the Hardy Boyz are reunited once more and made quick move on the former HFO. And the love Jeff got from the fans when the music hit, it was one of the biggest pops of a debut in AEW’s history.

Match 3: AEW Tag Team Championship Match; Jurassic Express vs the Acclaimed. (Rating: 3:25/5)

The Acclaimed really did have arrive, because even they got a championship match on Dynamite! Just like the AEW world title match, yes the Acclaimed did not win: but them being given this shot and nearly having Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus beat was really a fun sight to see! I just wonder who’s next in the hunt for the tag titles if it isn’t going to be Danielson and Moxley. Maybe a one on one with ReDragon?

Main Event: TNT Championship Match; Sammy Guevara (c) vs Scorpio Sky. (Rating:3.5/5)

A really stellar main event match and as usual Sammy proves why he’d have the one of the best matches of the week. Sky looked absolutely phenomenal in this as well, as he not only wanted to capture the TNT championship but he made it his mission to keep his 1 year long undefeated streak in tact. Near the first opening minutes of the match, Guevara wanted to hit a 630 Splash on Sky through a table and Scorpio moves out of the way: which meant that Sammy crashed and burned through the table and the impact look absolutely sick (both good and bad). With the damage Sammy sustained at Revolution around his midsection, the ribs were certainly Scorpio’s target of destruction, and unfortunately Sammy’s fun reign as TNT champ had come to an end as Scorpio Sky got the pinfall victory, keeping his streak alive and becoming the NEW TNT champion!

Final rating:4/5