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AEW Revolution 2022 Results

credit from: Voices of Wrestling

4 hours of professional wrestling, 4 hours of jaw dropping moments. There are no words to describe how amazing this show was. Already this is the best wrestling payperview of the year, bar none! Stars were made, feuds were dealt with, championships were successfully defended: this was the best night to be both an AEW fan and a fan of the sport of wrestling as a whole!

Match 1: Eddie Kingston vs Chris Jericho. (3.75/5)

Eddie’s finally done it! After losing to the likes of Jon Moxley, CM Punk and Bryan Danielson respectively; Kingston was FINALLY able to get the biggest win of his career as he not only beat Chris Jericho in the middle of the ring, but he was able to make Le Champion tap-out to a really nasty looking armbar. I cannot gloss over Jericho’s performance as well! He looked absolutely amazing as per usual but the fact that he controlled the narrative of him being the heel in this feud with a ridiculously over babyface like Eddie Kingston was even more impressive! Hopefully this means Y2J is a heel once more but I also want to see more between him and Eddie.

Match 2: Triple Threat Tag Team Championship Match; Jurassic Express (c) vs ReDragon vs the Young Bucks. (4.25/5)

I may sound like a broken record, but I absolutely LOVE tag team wrestling so bloody much! 6 of the best tag team competitors went out there and not only did they steal the show, but they went above and beyond to make each individual tag team look like gold. Majority of the match was spent with the Bucks and ReDragon decimating Jungle Boy but once the heel teams got physical with each other, you can hear a pin drop due to the fact that these two teams, they’re FINALLY going head to head in an All Elite Wrestling ring! Eventually the new crowded Elite will implode but regardless on who turns heel/face, both Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish will have bangers against Nick and Matt Jackson. The match was won by Jungle Boy via pin-fall to a thunderous ovation. Dinosaurs rule!

Match 3: Face of the Revolution Ladder Match. (Rating: 4/5)

Third match in and already it’s shown that this is going to be a contender for event of the year: because wow was this also fun to watch! Christian Cage, Orange Cassidy, Ricky Starks, KEITH LEE, WARDLOW, POWERHOUSE HOBBS: SUCH A STACKED LADDER MATCH! Moves off the ladder, dives off the ladder, the three big men going face to face: from beginning to end there was not a single moment in this match that I thought was bad whatsoever! Definitely stayed entertained through and through, but the ending of the match with who eventually won just made this match a thousand times much more hype. Mr Mayhem himself, Wardlow climbs the later after laying out Ricky Starks with a powerbomb off the ladder onto a folded ladder and retrieves the golden ring: earning himself both a shot for the TNT championship and the biggest win of his career! Kudos to all athletes for this match but bigger kudos to Wardlow for FINALLY getting a major W!

Match 4: Dog Collar Match; CM Punk vs MJF. (Rating:5/5)

… There are literally no words I can use to describe how perfect this match was. It was violent, it was brutal, it was wrestling at its finest, the story has been amazing: this definitely was the match of the night. From start to finish, you can just feel the hatred that CM Punk and MJF have for each other! Blood, thumbtacks, being whipped by the chain, A TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER ON THE DAMN RING APRON: these dudes practically killed each other and left everything on the line to (hopefully) close this chapter in this amazing story. The closing minutes in this match had Wardlow come out to seemingly help MJF win the match by handing Friedman his Dynamite diamond ring, but Mr. Mayhem misplaced it!… up until he handed the ring to Punk and one GTS on to the pile of thumbtacks and ring to the face later, Punk not only won the match and ended this feud but Wardlow FINALLY TURNED ON MJF! Dynamite this week will be interesting but for now, the chains are off and Wardlow is on his own!

Match 5: Bryan Danielson vs Jon Moxley. (Rating:3.75/5)

Only complaint about this match: the placement on the card. Had this taken place much early in the show, it would’ve easily been much much better but regardless, this was absolutely killer. Mox and Bryan certainly did bleed together which means now that they are going to be a team!… hopefully at least. These two aren’t strangers to each other as Dean Ambrose had matches with Daniel Bryan under the WWE banner but never had they wrestled a match in AEW and the comparison of styles was certainly night and day. Stiff shots, blood, real painful submissions; this match had everything. Moxley rolled Danielson up for a sneaky victory and both men still beat each other up after the match ended! It had no end until WILLIAM FREAKIN’ REGAL CAME DOWN AND PUT A STOP TO THINGS! After slapping both Jon and Bryan in the face, the two men shook each other’s hand: signifying not only do we have a new tag team but a new stable. This is going to be so COOL! UGHHHH!!

Match 6: AEW Women’s Championship Match; Britt Baker (c) vs Thunder Rosa. (Rating:2.75/5)

Without a doubt this was the only letdown match of the night. It has nothing to do with Thunder Rosa not winning or anything whatsoever and both women definitely did put on a good match; but in comparison to previous encounters it felt flat. Not only that but the narrative of Baker “needing” Jamie Hayter and Rebel to help her retain her AEW’s women’s championship is just unnecessary. It really should’ve been Thunder Rosa’s moment as she could’ve overcome the odds but unfortunately it wasn’t the case. One curb stomp a-top of the belt later with the referee distracted, Baker retains her title via pinfall.

Main Event: AEW World Heavyweight Championship: Hangman Adam Page(c)vs Adam Cole. (Rating: 4/5)

I’ll admit where I’m wrong, but Hangman as world champion certainly has been fun thus far! Arguably, this may be his best match defending the world championship and who better to defend his title to than his former Elite brother, the BOOM himself Adam Cole (BayBay). With this being their third singles match against each other now, this was certainly a big fight feel moment. So many false finishes, so many instances that I had thought Cole was going to actually become the champion here in All Elite Wrestling; I truly was on the edge of my seat wondering who would’ve gotten the big gold title belt. Multiple Buckshot Lariats, multiple superkicks, multiple Boom knees to the back of Hangman’s head; it seemed that both men weren’t going to be pinned whatsoever! Fortunately with one last Buckshot Lariat, Hangman retains his championship and thus will be continuing his awesome reign as the world heavyweight champion in AEW.

Final Rating:5/5