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AEW Revolution 2022 Predictions

credit from: Toms Guide

The first AEW payperview of the year is days away and with how stacked the match card is, it immediately has the potential to be a payperview of the year contender! Now I’m going to somewhat change things up here in comparison to the WWE Royal Rumble predictions: I’ll predict whom I think would be winning the matches, but I’ll also add who is 100% going to win. It should make sense as the reading goes on but here are my predictions!

Match 1: Bryan Danielson vs Jon Moxley. (Prediction: Jon Moxley)

Ever since returning to AEW, Moxley hasn’t been really involved in such a major storyline. Apart from this current indecisiveness of whether or not him and Danielson would become a tag team, Jon’s only wrestled against people such as Anthony Bowens and Wheeler Yuta that don’t develop into bigger storylines. Moxley being the second man to defeat Bryan Danielson would make Moxley look real incredibly strong and add a reminder to why he’s a top guy in AEW.

Actual winner: Danielson.

That being said, AEW’s definitely going to give Danielson this victory; not only so Bryan is able to bounce back from taking his first loss to Hangman Page but to also prove to Moxley that they both SHOULD definitely become a tag team together.

Match 2: Chris Jericho vs Eddie Kingston. (Prediction: Eddie Kingston)

I don’t see Jericho winning this whatsoever, this is definitely going to be Eddie’s chance to shine. After losing to the likes of Moxley, Danielson and CM Punk: Eddie Kingston really needs to have this huge win under his belt. With Jericho slowly embracing his villain side throughout this feud, Kingston’s definitely going to be the catalyst in which Chris turns heel yet again; even if somehow Santana and Ortiz still stick by Jericho’s side with the Inner Circle back under control.

Match 3: Face of the Revolution Ladder Match. (Prediction: Wardlow)

Wardlow, Powerhouse Hobbs, Keith Lee, Orange Cassidy and Ricky Starks: this has the making to be one of the best Revolution ladder matches in AEW’s history. That being said, this should be the perfect chance to give Wardlow this victory! With him already showing that he’s fed up with not only Shawn Spears but also MJF, this would be the perfect chance to give Wardlow the possible biggest win of his career and yet still not turn against the Pinnacle.. at least not yet. Every single man in this match has what it takes to win, and they should all be deserving of having a shot for Sammy Guevara’s TNT title; but nobody deserves this win as much as Wardlow. That being said…

Actual Winner: Keith Lee.

Without a doubt, they’re giving this to Keith Lee. This is his first wrestling payperview since he was last in WWE, and this is also his debut AEW payperview; so why would they waste a spot for Lee if he isn’t winning this match? Again, all these men are deserving of winning; and as much as I hope Wardlow wins, Keith Lee winning wouldn’t be the end of the world since he’s also deserving of big things! Regardless of who wins, one thing is for certain: it’s a certified hoss fest because of the 3 big beefy men in here and it’s going to be absolutely sick!

Match 4: Dog Collar Match; CM Punk vs MJF. (Prediction: MJF)

Easily the match I’m looking forward to the most (well, it being tied with Jericho/Kingston) for the night. With how intense the beating MJF gave Punk on Dynamite this past week, there’s going to be plenty of more bloody being spewed out of both men’s head. That being said: who would benefit from this victory in the long run more? Clearly MJF will! He’s already beaten Punk once before (twice if you really want to count it), so beating the straight edge savior twice and in a match that’s as brutal as a dog collar match would definitely give MJF’s desire of being the AEW world champion have so much more meaning. With all that being said..

Actual Winner: CM Punk

Punk’s definitely winning this, resulting in there being a rubber match between he and Maxwell at either the next payperview or on an episode of Dynamite. If Punk takes this second lost, it wouldn’t hurt him too much in the long run but since he also has interest in chasing the AEW world title then getting the W back from MJF definitely will give Punk his momentum back.

Match 5: AEW Women’s Championship: Britt Baker (c) vs Thunder Rosa. (Prediction: Thunder Rosa)

This absolutely needs to happen! Without a doubt, I don’t see Baker continuing her awesome and lengthy championship reign any longer: and with what happened on Dynamite, Rosa certainly does have Baker’s number. Perhaps Britt could shock the world and retain her championship but to get a bit fantasy booking with, why not have Baker put over Rosa and eventually become the one to hand Jade Cargill her first ever AEW loss by becoming the first ever woman to become AEW and TBS woman’s champion? If anyone deserves having that big of an accolade than Dr Britt Baker, D M D.

Match 6: Triple Threat Tag Team Title Match; Jurassic Express (c) vs ReDragon vs The Young Bucks. (Prediction: ReDragon)

3 of the best tag teams in the world are set to do battle, yet only one team could come out on top. As much as I love the tag team of Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy, I honestly think that they don’t have a chance of retaining the tag team titles: at least not cleanly at least. With ReDragon and Young Bucks being heels, they’re definitely going to do everything it takes to make sure that the Jurassic Express crew doesn’t retain their titles!… while trying to deal with one another because of the multiple teases of there being a dissension within these 4 individuals. That being said, there’s going to eventually be a match between both ReDragon and the Bucks and it will definitely be one of the ages, but why not officially start this feud by having O’Reilly and Fish winning the tag titles and proving to Adam Cole that they could in fact get the job done unlike Nick and Matt Jackson.

Main Event: AEW World Heavyweight Championship; Hangman Adam Page (c) vs Adam Cole. (Prediction: Adam Cole)

As the world’s strongest man Mark Henry would say, it’s time for the main event! To close off this awesome show we’re going to see Hangman Page and Adam Cole duke it out for the AEW world title in what’s possibly going to be the best match that both man would probably have this year! Now what better way to end this show than by having all three members of the group formerly called the Undisputed Era with all the gold! Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish; tag team champions. Adam Cole; world champion. This would be the best way to end the show with seeing these three amazing performers holding all the gold, especially considering the fact that Adam Cole would still hold an undefeated streak(excluding the light’s out match with Orange Cassidy). However…

Actual Winner: Hangman Page

Page is going to be the guy that hands Cole his official first loss. I love me some Cowboy Shiznit and I’m glad that Page is the world champion, however apart from the matches he had with Bryan Danielson and Lance Archer his reign has just felt dull. Don’t get me wrong, this has nothing to do with Page whatsoever since he can certainly deliver banger matches and have one of the best babyface character gimmicks in current day wrestling; but the possibility of Page losing is very low. He’s going to continue being the champion up until he (hopefully) drops the title to a monster heel such as MJF or possibly even Bryan Danielson.