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AEW Dynamite: 3/2/2022

credit from:411Mania

Holy cow did the landscape of All Elite Wrestling change in a single opening segment! Before I get started to talk about what happens throughout the show, Tony Khan made an announcement to kick off the show which really did make an impactful statement to the wrestling scene; and that announcement was that officially Tony Khan owns Ring of Honor! Rumors circulated that the ROH roster would be uniting with the AEW stars but with this awesome announcement, the possibilities are endless in what could happen! And speaking of ROH…

Match 1: Bryan Danielson vs Christopher Daniels. (Rating:3.75/5)

A rematch of sorts between the American Dragon and Fallen Angel and what a match it was! Despite the age difference between both men, Daniels proved that even if the Fallen Angel is 50 years old now; he’s still able to put one banger of a match that would be talked about for quite a while. This wasn’t a face versus heel match either, which was a good change of pace as both men both showed each other with respect throughout the match via handshakes. Danielson wins the match by submission and then proceeded to kick Daniels’ face in to send a message to one Jon Moxley. Mox makes his way down the aisle and it seemed as if both him and Bryan were ready to get physical, and unfortunately the cowardly Danielson leaves Moxley in the ring. This is actually a good move, because it builds more to wanting to become anticipated and engaged in this blood feud!

Segment 1: CM Punk responds to MJF.

After last week’s amazing and emotional promo by MJF, it was time for Punk to respond to what his opponent had to say before their big dog collar match at AEW’s Revolution payperview. Punk called out Friedman and told MJF that he himself isn’t a good person whatsoever, yet he’s trying. He felt that MJF’s words were genuine and Punk comforted Friedman with the two embracing in a hug!….. until MJF fooled everybody and kicked Punk below the belt and viciously assaulted the straight edge savior, bloodying the dude as well thanks to the Dynamite Diamond Ring that MJF’s been holding for the past several years at this point. It did seem rather obvious that MJF was going to swerve both the fans and CM Punk on the go-home Dynamite before the payperview this weekend but I couldn’t help but not only cringe in pain but also become more and more invested in this match; in the hopes that Friedman once again gets the win over CM Punk.

Match 2: Tag Team Battle Royal. (Rating:3/5)

ReDragon, Jurassic Express and one more tag team are going to do battle this weekend for the AEW tag team titles; so it’s fitting for AEW to do yet another massive tag battle royal to decide who’d be the final team advancing. A massive surprise was the returning team of Top Gun, Dante and Darius Martin not only competing in this match but making it to the final two teams to decide who’d be the winners! FTR, Pride and Powerful, Best Friends, the Dark Order, HFO; many of the same teams as last week and although this battle royal wasn’t as good as the first one, this was still fun nonetheless. The final team to make it to Revolution were Matt and Nick Jackson, the Young Bucks.

Main Event: 6 Man Tag Team Match; Adam Cole and ReDragon vs Hangman Page and Dark Order (Alex Reynolds and John Silver). (Rating:3.75/5)

It is indeed all about the boom, and fireworks will definitely be going off during this weekend’s main event when Adam Page defends his AEW world title against Adam Cole. Until then, we see a 6 man tag match with both Adams hardly having any physical contact with one another. To end this pretty fun match, Adam Cole picked up the win following a superkick followed dropping the Boom on Reynolds for the victory; giving the formerly named Undisputed Era the win. However it didn’t stop there as Hangman Page was ready to fight Cole and unfortunately the numbers game was just too much as O’Reilly and Fish end up taping Page on the ring ropes, forcing him to watch the heel trio beat down on the Dark Order members. Of course to give Cole more heat, he ends up kicking Hangman twice in the face to close the show. All in all, this was a real awesome go-home show!

Final rating:3.75/5