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WWE SmackDown: 5/20/2022

credit from: Republic World

The night is FINALLY here. RK-Bro, the Usos: two of the best tag teams in the world are squaring off. Two sets of champions but only one can come out the winner? Were the Usos able to capture the Raw tag titles, bringing home all the belts for the Bloodline? Or did Riddle and Randy Orton spoil their chances of being double champion? How did the rest of the show hold up though?

Match 1: Shinsuke Nakamura vs Sami Zayn. (Rating:3.5/5)

The self proclaimed mouthpiece of the Bloodline is once again doing battle against the man who probably gave him the greatest match of his entire career in 2016 during his final NXT, yes we’re once again reliving Nakamura versus Zayn. And this was really fun with all things considered. Sami continued playing the cowardly heel, constantly trying to get the cheap victory or take a quick loss by resorting to count-outs. However that served to be Sami’s downfall because after beating the 10 count from a count of 9, Nakamura welcomed Sami back in the ring with a Kinshasa to the face; thus gaining the victory.

Match 2: Raquel Rodriguez vs Shotzi Blackheart. (Rating:3/5)

On last week’s SmackDown episode, new SmackDown women’s champion Ronda Rousey declared an open challenge to the first woman to come out and face Rousey for the strap. And who was there to answer the call? Well, Raquel Rodriguez of course, and she put on an intense matchup against Rousey! So much so that it legitimately seemed that Ronda was going to drop the belt to Raquel, however Rousey was able to get the victory. And this angered Shotzi Blackheart, demanding a match with Rodriguez as some sort of revenge! And unfortunately for Blackheart, this revenge didn’t work into her favor as Raquel made quick work of Shotzi; quickly getting a pinfall victory. Really enjoyed seeing Rodriguez dominating her opponents again but even better to see Blackheart on tv once again!

Main Event: Winner Takes All; RK-Bro vs the Usos. (Rating:5/5)

The buildup, the anticipation, it all comes down to this. Who will be walking away from SmackDown as not only SmackDown tag champions, but also the Raw tag champions as well. Both pairs are decorated champions and have put on amazing matches in the past but this one certainly felt different. Both Uso brothers and Riddle especially truly shined in this match and were willing to put everything on the line for becoming the first ever (even though the tag team unification concept first happened in 2011) undisputed tag team champions. Much more near falls in this match and once Orton got the hot tag it seemed over. The usual DDT apron and RKO spots happened on Jey but Jimmy was able to JUST break up the pin at the last possible second. The closing moments of the match had Matt Riddle and Jey Uso battling on the top rope and none other than Roman Reigns intervened in this match with a distracted referee, allowing Uso to hit the splash to get the pinfall victory. And thus ladies and gentlemen, you NEW undisputed tag team champions: Jimmy and Jey Uso. The Bloodline had finally accomplished their goal and have all the gold on their shoulders! Obvious outcome but it was bone-chilling nonetheless.

Final rating:4.5/5