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AEW Rampage:4/8/2022

credit from: 411Mania

It’s Friday, and you know what that means! Wow, just a huge WOW. This episode of Rampage certainly had one of (if not, THE) best main events in the show’s history when Wheeler Yuta took on Jon Moxley in a rematch from Dynamite a few weeks back! Before we talk about that though, let’s dive on in with…

Match 1: Bryan Danielson vs Trent Beretta. (Rating:3.5/5)

A really solid opening contest with two of the most beloved wrestlers on the current AEW roster. Yet another match that Trent lost but at this rate I feel as if the quality of the matches the dude has been putting on since returning from injury speaks volumes than the win/loss record. Danielson was able to make Beretta tap to the Lebel Lock in a really rather quick yet hard hitting match that kicked off the action!

Main Event: Wheeler Yuta vs Jon Moxley. (Rating:5/5)

Yeah, it’s safe to say that Wheeler Yuta is well on his way to become the greatest wrestler of this year. This match was brutal, this was bloody, hard-hitting yet this is what lit the fire in the rocket of Wheeler Yuta being a force to be reckoned with. TWO PARADIGM SHIFTS were hit on this man. TWO! And he kicks out of both! And this genuinely felt more convincing of a possible Yuta win than the match with Bryan Danielson on Dynamite, because the shock value definitely would’ve been ridiculous! Mox locked in a Bulldog Choke and Yuta actually passes out and didn’t submit, though he still lost the match. Following this, he gained the respect from all three members of the Blackpool Fight Club: Danielson, a handshake from Regal and a nod of approval from Jon Moxley. Looks like this group has gained a new member!

Final rating:4/5