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AEW Dynamite:2/23/2022

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It’s Wednesday night, which means it’s time for Dynamite!.. But wow, before I get started with this blog; I just want to say that this was probably the most crazy Dynamite yet in terms of a select few segments that happened. So much so that it really did reemphasize why I love being a fan of the sport of professional wrestling. Anyways, let’s dive right on in and see what AEW had in store this week!

Match 1: Tag Team Battle Royal. (Rating: 3/5)

So many dudes in the ring! This wasn’t a normal battle royal though as the winning team would receive a shot for the AEW tag team titles against Jurassic Express at the upcoming Revolution payperview. Teams like the Best Friends, ReDragon, Dark Order, FTR, the Young Bucks and the Hardy Family Office gave it their all in these multi man battle royal contest but it came down to only 3 men: John Silver (representing the Dark Order), Kyle O’Reilly (representing ReDragon), and Matt Jackson (representing the Young Bucks). The winners of this battle royal were ReDragon as Kyle eliminated Jackson immediately after the Young Buck eliminated Silver, granting the team of Bobby Fish and O’Reilly a shot for the tag team titles at Revolution. Also, after the match the Bucks got in the face of ReDragon which was really cool; because AEW has slowly planted the seeds for these two teams to eventually fight each other.

Segment 1: MJF’s promo

This was the first time an MJF promo has left me with more questions than answers… and I think that was what made it work really well. For context, MJF comes out and as per usual the crowd showered him with boos; and rather than acting like his usual smug self, he proceeds to cut one of the best babyface heel promos in AEW’s history. Friedman’s a heel, and we’re all supposed to boo him. Yet he cuts a promo and basically, yet again, calls CM Punk fake and how much of a phony Punk has been the older he got. This felt very odd but in a good when MJF talked about specific moments that had happened to him when he was younger and in school; from being bullied to turning down football because he wanted to become a wrestler like his hero, CM Punk. After MJF wrapped up his promo, Punk made his way down to the ring and asked Friedman if everything he had said was genuine; and rather than fighting, MJF leaves the ring and walked away, leaving Punk and the rest of us stunned. By next week I’m sure MJF would tell the world how he fooled us all but for just a little bit we saw the first glimpse of an eventual babyface MJF in AEW. It honestly could work, not right now but later in the future.

Match 2: Tag Team Match; The House of Black vs PAC and PENTAGON DARK!! (Rating:4/5)

As if this show couldn’t have gotten more insane, Pentagon Dark (who hasn’t been since since Lucha Underground around 2014/2015), made his first AEW appearance and it was such an awesome moment! The dark colored clothing, the skull face-paint, Pentagon Jr was back as the dominant force that laid dormant for years. After their awesome first encounter several weeks back, this rematch certainly did feel bigger than the first match. Closing spot of the match seemed a bit awkward as Malakai Black was ready to spit the Black Mist on Pentagon, until Jr stopped Black from doing so and rolled him up to gain the victory for two thirds of the Death Triangle. Immediately after, Brody King got the jump on both PAC and Pentagon but with Black being laid out due to choking on the black mist (somehow). After King was down as well, the lights go off and as soon as they turn back on: BUDDY MATTHEWS, AKA BUDDY MURPHY made his AEW debut by helping out the knights of the House of Black, and also joining said House in the process.

Segment 2: Chris Jericho and Eddie Kingston face to face confrontation.

God the way these two went off on each other was done so brilliantly. The fans love Jericho, but the crowd are more supportive of Eddie Kingston so much more. With their match at Revolution being confirmed, this is only a matter of time that Kingston finally scores a huge victory against a wrestler that is on the level on GOAT status as Chris Jericho. This is the only way that this match goes, because in all honesty Kingston does desperately deserve a win against a big name in not only AEW but in all of wrestling. He’s lost to Jon Moxley, he’s lost to CM Punk and lost to Bryan Danielson; beating Chris Jericho would be something that could give Kingston chances to compete in more high caliber matches against AEW’s top guys.

Main Event: Bryan Danielson vs Daniel Garcia. (Rating:3.5/5)

This was quite the match. Danielson truly hyped Garcia a lot throughout the program and rightfully so: Daniel Garcia is an awesome athlete and definitely has what it takes to reach higher levels of success in AEW. Even though Garcia is a great wrestler that can easily get the crowd behind him and get them invested in the match, he lacks having a character/gimmick. Regardless of that, this was easily the best match that Daniel Garcia has had in AEW. Danielson ended up winning the match via submission and afterwards, Bryan was blind sided by 2Point0 which left the American Dragon in a three on one beating up until a familiar face arrives to help him out. Jon Moxley made his way to the ring and assisted Bryan in taking out Garcia and 2PointO and before the show came to an official close, yet ANOTHER match for Revolution was revealed as Bryan Danielson will in fact face Moxley at the payperview soon! As much as I want to see Danielson continue this heel character, I really hope that by the end of the match both men come to an understanding and reach an impasse on being a team together.

Final rating:3.75/5