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WWE Monday Night Raw: 2/7/2022

credit from: WrestlingInc WWE Raw: 2/7/2022

We’re officially a week away until the Elimination Chamber payperview! The men’s WWE championship Chamber match is stacked beyond belief and we’re getting Goldberg vs Roman Reigns for the Universal title over the SmackDown side! With everything being set in to motion at this moment, let’s just see if WWE managed to deliver yet another awesome episode of Raw.

Match 1: Tag Team Match; Street Profits vs Alpha Academy. (Rating 3.75/5)

Really awesome way to kick off the night with a tag match! After the tag team champions lost in a game dubbed “Quiz Bowl” against RK-Bro (who also won the opportunity for get their rematch for the tag titles at a later time), out come hometown boys the Street Profits and laid out the challenge to Gable and Otis. And again, it was such a phenomenal match to say the absolute least! Otis really has come a long way since breaking off from Heavy Machinery and being a singles wrestler (and at one point he was indeed a former Money in the Bank winner), and it really made it clear that Otis works well as a tag team wrestler, especially with a partner that manages to put on technical brilliance in such a small time frame such as Chad Gable. Gable ended up winning the match for the Academy as he pinned Angelo Dawkins with a roll up for the three count. Let’s see if the show keeps up its momentum!

Segment 1: Goodbye Lilly.

*Sighs*, thankfully these Alexa Bliss segments seem to be reaching its climax. After reintroducing the Lilly doll, the therapist basically forced Alexa to let go of the doll as a metaphor of her letting go of what ever this gimmick is at this point. No problem with Alexa whatsoever because again, I loved this newer gimmick for her as it worked absolutely perfect with Bray Wyatt’s Fiend character but her doing this gimmick solo and having to rely on that doll is just mind boggling and redundant. It really is only a matter of time that we see Alexa return as the Goddess and I cannot wait for that.

Match 2: AJ Styles vs Damian Priest. (Rating: 4/5)

Second match in and this already stole the show without a doubt! This is the first encounter between Styles and Priest and already these two men have amazing chemistry. Priest didn’t use his “Damian” side during this match with AJ and that was fine, personally he should just really use that side against heels and never faces. With Styles already being in the Elimination Chamber match, the possibility of him being a double champion doesn’t seem that far out of the ordinary. And speaking of which, Styles picked up the win against Priest after a Phenomenal Forearm and was even given a shot for the United States championship for next week’s episode of Raw! Simply a PHENOMENAL first encounter.

Match 3: Kevin Owens vs Austin Theory. (Rating: 3.75/5)

Yet again it’s another banger between Owens and Theory! Even though it wasn’t as good as last week’s match, I really do love seeing Theory wrestle these high profiled names. Austin’s already pinned Finn Balor and Kevin Owens who were both former Universal champions and although he beat AJ Styles via DQ, he still has a win over another former world champion. This match was actually won by Kevin Owens after hitting Austin with a Superkick/Stunner combo for the pinfall victory. Hope Kev’s road to WrestleMania this year would be one to remember.

Match 4: Liv Morgan vs Doudrop. (Rating: 2/5)

This wasn’t bad per-say yet this wasn’t good either. After the amazing performance at the Royal Rumble against Becky Lynch, I think it’s really cool seeing Doudrop still being involved in, yet to see Liv Morgan going down the rankings is rather disappointing. Luckily she’s competing for a chance to become number one contender for the Raw Women’s championship inside the Elimination Chamber at the upcoming payperview. The match was won by Doudrop after hitting her splash on Morgan for the pinfall victory. Really hope Liv gets the chance to main event WrestleMania against Becks this year.

Main Event: Tag Team Match; RK-Bro vs Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins. (Rating: 3.5/5)

Originally this was just a one on one match between Riddle and Rollins and it was really great. Mostly played in favor of Seth but it was still a good match. Near the closing moments, Kevin Owens ran down and attacked Riddle, resulting in a DQ finish up until Randy Orton made the save for Riddle. Thus Adam Pearce made this officially a tag team match which was still good nonetheless but not as great as the singles match between Riddle and Rollins went. The match was won by the heels after Seth hit the stomp on Riddle for the pinfall victory.

Final rating: 3/5