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WWE Royal Rumble 2022 Predictions

The Royal Rumble: the first stop at the road to WrestleMania. So many Rumble moments have happened throughout the years: from Rey Mysterio lasting 62 minutes in the Rumble match in 2006 to Stone Cold Steve Austin winning 3 consecutive Rumble matches, the Royal Rumble payperview has always been one of the most important shows in WWE’s decorated history. With this year having two Royal Rumble matches, a dream match for the WWE Championship and seeing two former brothers in the Shield battle for the Universal Championship, this show is stacked beyond belief with incredible matches with surprises sprinkled in throughout the night. With how unpredictable this event will be, I will attempt to break down who I’d think would win these following match ups! So, buckle up because this should be fun.

Match 1: Mixed Tag Team Match; The Miz and Maryse vs Edge and Beth Phoenix. (Winners: Miz and Maryse)

If you’ve been reading my blogs about Raw throughout this month then you would know that I wasn’t behind the idea of there being a mixed tag match between Edge and Miz with their wives. Maryse and Beth Phoenix are decorated women superstars in their own right as they carried the women’s division through the early 2010s onwards. Regardless, I’ve started to appreciate the buildup for this match as all four competitors work off of one another. However I don’t see Edge and Beth winning this match, whether it’s via heel shenanigans from the Mizanins or either a clean pinfall win. It would truly give Miz more heat if he’s the one to win the match for his team.

Match 2: Raw Women’s Championship: Becky Lynch (c) vs Doudrop. (Winner: Becky Lynch)

The Raw Women’s championship will defended in a very unique match up as Doudrop looks to dethrone Big Time Becks and become the new Raw Women’s champion. I could only see this match going in the direction of Lynch retaining, whether it’s done convincingly or done via heel shenanigans. As impressive as Doudrop became after turning heel a few months ago, I personally don’t see her shocking the world quite yet by becoming the new women’s champion. Becky’s reign has been really great with the amount of amazing matches she’s competed in and this match with Doudrop will be no different, but realistically I see Lynch holding on to the strap up until WrestleMania.

Match 3: Universal Championship Match; Roman Reigns (c) vs Seth Rollins. (Winner: Roman Reigns)

This reign will not end, ever. Somehow, someway Reigns is going to wipe the floor with the Monday Night Messiah as he successfully defends the belt. Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns have always had amazing matches against one another, from their first encounter on an episode of Raw back in 2015 to their amazing WWE championship match at Money In the Bank in 2016, these two have always arguably some of the greatest matches of the year. One may argue that Seth SHOULD indeed be the one to dethrone Roman and although I agree with that point, Reigns shouldn’t lose the championship until either at WrestleMania this year or at SummerSlam. This title run that Reigns has had is without a doubt the greatest championship run in this modern era of WWE and it shouldn’t end at the Rumble even with Seth having the clear edge with the wins over Roman. Rollins should definitely carry his focus to the WWE championship; which brings me to…

Match 4: WWE Championship Match; Brock Lesnar (c) vs Bobby Lashley. (Winner: Bobby Lashley)

This is Bobby’s time, without a doubt. Another reign of the Almighty will honestly not be a negative outcome whatsoever. With how this match has been built up where Brock hasn’t been taking his opposition serious, this would the perfect opportunity to have Lashley absolutely destroy Brock and capture once more the WWE championship. One negative outcome for this would be how this would be Brock’s shortest championship reign in his long and decorated career, however this would solidify Bobby as the next beast, the next conqueror and the next larger than life superstar attraction that WWE could rely on as they have with Lesnar. Pull the trigger and have Bobby carry on and dominate the WWE for the next decade as Lesnar has done since returning back in 2012.

Match 5: Women’s Royal Rumble. (Winner: Ronda Rousey)

(POSSIBLE SPOILERS!!!!) Early on this week, it was reported that former WWE Raw Women’s Champion and former UFC Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey would finally be making her WWE return for the first time since losing the triple threat winner takes all main event at WrestleMania back in 2019 by being a supposed surprise entrant in this year’s Royal Rumble match for the women. With names like the Bella Twins, Michelle McCool, Summer Rae and IMPACT’s Knockout champion Mickie James already being revealed to participate in this year’s match, I don’t see how Rousey couldn’t fit in the fold. Hypothetically, I’d see the former champion coming out at number 30 and securing the win, shocking the world once again as in 2019 when she made her WWE debut following the first ever women’s Rumble match. With so many options for who’d win: from Bianca Belair to Rhea Ripley, to possibly even Lita; the narrative is right there to have Ronda return and win so she can main event night one at Mania against the woman who basically humbled her back in 2019, the STILL retaining Raw women’s champion Becky Lynch. We saw their historic triple threat match at the main event of WrestleMania 35 with Charlotte Flair being in the mix, however we did not see Big Time Becks and “Rowdy” Rousey duke it out in a one on one environment.

Match 6: Men’s Royal Rumble Match. (Winner: AJ Styles)

(POSSIBLE SPOILERS ONCE AGAIN!!!!) As far as Royal Rumbles go, the ones for the men are always a mystery because just about anybody can win the match. There’s guys like Big E, Kevin Owens, Cesaro, maybe Happy Corbin or Sheamus, Finn Balor, heck even a wild card like Roman Reigns or Brock Lesnar if one so happens to lose their championships. However someone who could definitely benefit from this in the long run would be none other than the Phenomenal, A J Styles! Styles is a grand slam champion and has had his great share of WrestleMania matches, although Styles hasn’t really had his own WrestleMania moment. He’s wrestled with Chris Jericho, Shane McMahon, Undertaker, Shinsuke Nakamura, Randy Orton and the New Day; and as phenomenal as all these matches were, Styles’ only WrestleMania moment was popping out of the casket ala the Undertaker during their Boneyard Match. I think him possibly winning this Rumble match and headlining against either Roman Reigns or possibly Bobby Lashley at WrestleMania and actually win either world championship, it would solidify AJ’s status at being one of the best WWE wrestlers in the company’s history. To close this article down, I must address, yet again, the elephant in the room. With Mickie James being in the women’s Rumble match, reports arose that the men’s Royal Rumble would also have a “Forbidden Door” participant as well. Some time last week, a new report surfaced that former AEW TNT champion Cody Rhodes is NOT signed to an AEW contract meaning that he MAY be in the Rumble match this Saturday. Should Cody Rhodes make a surprise appearance and break down the Forbidden Door once and for all to allow the WWE and AEW to finally partner with one another? Yes, but it shouldn’t be Cody Rhodes appearing: it should be STARDUST, the last gimmick that Rhodes worked as before being released by the company several years ago. That way, we could still get Cody Rhodes without Cody Rhodes the character being on the “enemy’s” program since WWE still owns the rights to the Stardust character.