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AEW Rampage: 1/7/2022

It’s Friday, and you know what that means! AEW’s Rampage shows are usually more tame and not as eventful as Wednesday’s Dynamites, however with just the 1 hour they have of tv time Rampage still manages to deliver some of the best wrestling matches in the company.

credit from: 411Mania

Match 1: Adam Cole vs Jake Atlas (Rating: 3/5).

This was actually the first introduction to Jake Atlas, and my god what a way to make me become a fan. He uses to compete in WWE’s NXT brand before getting released by the company and shortly after announcing his retirement from the sport due to mental health reasons. However he signed with AEW this month and his first wrestling match back was against none other than the amazing Adam Cole. The closing moments of the match had Cole lock in a knee-bar due to Atlas seeming to have injured his knee during the match. (Update: Atlas did seem to blow out his knee, however he’s okay.)

Match 2: HOOK vs Aaron Solo (Rating: 3/5)

I absolutely love Hook so much. He’s definitely what Taz was during his prime in ECW: going out there and absolutely destroy his competition with hard hitting offense in a short amount of time. Tazplexes and Tazmissions galore, yet Hook’s move-set does seem to differ from his dad’s. This is going to be this kid’s year, and I’m all in for it! Match ended with a Tazmission and afterwards Hook laid out QT Marshall after Marshall tried getting the jump on Hook.

Main Event: 6 Man No Holds Barred Tag Match; Daniel Garcia and 2 Point0 vs Eddie Kingston and Pride n Powerful. (Rating: 2.5/5)

Nothing really eventful happened. It was basically a repeat of the 6 man tag that happened on Dynamite the week prior except the babyfaces won. Jericho still comes out to make the save and once again we’re slowly reaching the eventual feud with Kingston. The blow off’s going to be huge and I cannot wait for that match, however I’d want those two competing in a tag match together to see if they could (as the cliché goes) get along.

Final rating: 3/5